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Independent Social Work Services

Highly experienced and dedicated registered Social Workers
Covering Eastleigh in Hampshire & the South of England

Our Services

We aim to deliver a holistic family approach where the welfare and protection of children are paramount. Independent Social Work Services provide a friendly and professional approach. We aim to meet your goals and remove the administrative burden of your workload by providing independent social work services. We undertake reports which offer a fair, evidence-based evaluation of the family's circumstances and will work within the agreed timescales throughout Eastleigh and the South of England (Portsmouth, Southampton, Gosport, Bournemouth and more). Services are offered to local authorities, solicitors in private practice and the courts.

A Dedicated Collaboration of Experts

We commission work to experienced social workers and family practitioners who are familiar with the local area. They are currently working within statutory services, which provides the added experience and up to date training. Furthermore, our practitioners understand the challenges local authorities face and is there to be flexible to their needs. Kerry and Jeremiah are both social workers with first-hand experience in the importance of empowerment, hope and the possibility for change. This is the ethos of the work with families and children we undertake.

We have a network of experienced, independent social workers, family workers and parenting practitioners who can deliver services, especially over weekends when local authorities struggle to undertake their statutory duties. These includes statutory home visits, out of hours visits, unannounced weekend visits, weekend family time supervision, & arranging and delivering weekend family group conferences due to time constraints for families.

Tested and Evidenced Based Reports / Assessments

Our services offer a wide range of assessments and reports, namely but not exclusively:

  • Capacity to Care Assessments
  • Parenting Assessments (includes Parent Assess assessments)
  • Siblings Assessments (together or apart)
  • Out of Hours Visits
  • Looked After Children Visits
  • PAMS Assessments
  • Risk Assessments (includes AIMS Assessments)
  • Observations and Supervision of Contact Reports with Assessment of Parent/Child Interaction
  • Section 37 or 7 reports

Social Work Services Eastleigh Hampshire

Social Work Services Eastleigh Hampshire

Kerry and Jeremiah are both members of BASW (The British Association of Social Workers), are Social Work England registered and registered as ISW with BASW. All those undertaking work will have BASW ISW liabilities public insurance before commencement of any work.

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Meller and Petersen - ISWS Ltd.
Independent Social Work Services
Company Registration Number 15230947
Covering Eastleigh and the South of England
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